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Artistic Jasper + Sandalwood Bracelet

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Artistic Jasper was named because of its resemblance to brush strokes on a blank canvas. Like all jaspers, it is a nurturing and healing stone that provides protection to its wearer. As a talisman, it reminds us to view the world through a creative lens, seeing the beauty in everything around us.


Sandalwood is earthy and aromatic, invoking a sense of grounding and connectedness. It is considered a sacred wood and has been used for centuries on traditional Hindu and Buddhist prayer beads, also known as a Mala. They are used in mantra meditation and chanting and are said to help one ground into their meditation practice.


The charm is electroplated hematite, which is a natural magnetic + grounding gemstone, so there are no base metals or tarnishing.  Bracelets are strung with durable stretchy elastic string, making them easy to take on and off for daily wear. 


*All gemstones are one of a kind. Pieces will always have slight variations in the stones that will be different from the picture.



To ensure longer life of your jewelry, avoid contact with perfume, lotion, and water.

Store in a bag, on a jewelry hook or in a jewelry box. 

HANDCRAFTED in Kelowna, BC, Canada.