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WE ARE Shop The Valley. WE ARE “fashion with a conscience".
Our mission: “To make ethical fashion accessible to everyone.”


Have you ever got excited about  a cute t-shirt marked down to $4.99? But the initial excitement on finding a major deal is subsided by your conscience telling you that’s just too good to be true?  We know our purchases have power. But sometimes finding, researching, and then determining whether that cute tee you like is an ethical purchase can be a lot of work. 

That is why Shop the Valley was created. After relocating to the Okanagan Valley our founder, Mallory, was inspired by other eco-concious, sustainable, and ethical movement of the area. But there was nowhere online to shop all these amazing brands in one place! One place where you could be confident everything and anything you purchased was an ethical purchase. 

We search not just the Okanagan Valley and Canada, but also the rest of the globe for socially and environmentally responsible labels so you don’t have to.  We believe “slow-fashion” can still be fun, on trend and even fit within your budget. You deserve to look good AND feel good. We want you to shop with us free of guilt; knowing all our products have been hand-picked based on ethical standards and principals.

But ethical fashion can include a wide range of things.  That is why we have included a "CONCIOUS CODE” to illustrate why we have chosen to carry each product.  Hopefully this helps you find products that align with your values.   Whether they are handcrafted by a single mom of five right here in the Okanagan Valley, BC,  manufactured in a factory in China that upholds fair wages, workers rights, and a safe working environment,  or use fabric produced from used fishing nets discarded in the ocean- we support it.

We support fashion with a conscience. Thank you for supporting us. xo